Warm Springs Construction Enterprises

Warm Springs Construction Enterprise (WSCE) began as a department of the Warm Springs Tribal Government and struck out as a small tribal enterprise in 2001. We are wholly owned by the Tribe and operate consistently at around 85% native employment. With decades of government contracting and a focus on of civil infrastructure installation, we can meet your excavation, concrete or utility needs.

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To enhance and promote the development of telecommunications services that meet needs throughout the Reservation to enhance public safety, preserve and promote cultural heritage, and to encourage economic development both in new revenues and in job creation.

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Eagle Tech Systems

Eagle-Tech Systems provides management of the Warm Springs UAS Test Range. The Test Range is part of the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex (PPUTRC). The PPUTRC is one of six official FAA test sites in the United States. The PPUTRC spans seven climate zones, allowing UAS manufacturers and potential users to test their equipment in the Arctic, the tropics and arid environments. Managed by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the test site builds upon ongoing work of the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration (ACUASI), which is part of the UAF Geophysical Institute.

For more information see wsuas.com.