Warm Springs Cannabis Referendum

The Project would be highly limited in scope.  It would initially involve a Tribally owned enterprise to own and operate cannabis production (growing), processing, wholesale and retail sales of these products.  The Referendum is also authorizing the production, sale, wholesale and retail sale of industrial hemp for future development. 

See wscannabis.com for more details.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is simply the process of keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere where, according to most scientific studies, it contributes to the Greenhouse effect, which causes global warming. This is accomplished through allowing emitters of CO2 through a government program to purchase carbon credits from large landowners, who in return ensure that the forest on their land will continue to consume CO2 emissions for an allotted amount of time.

Warm Springs UAS Test Range

The Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range is part of the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex, one of six official FAA test sites in the United States. The Complex spans seven climate zones, allowing UAS manufacturers and potential users to test their equipment in the Arctic, the tropics and arid environments.

See wsuas.com for more information.

Property Management

Through Property Management, WS Ventures oversees a number of lots in the Warm Springs Industrial Park for economic development needs as well as suites at the Plaza located next to Indian Head Casino and Eagle Crossing Restaurant.

Native Fax

Native Fax is development of a tribal enterprise to enter into a business relationship that would provide facsimile services via the internet.